Website Security & Monitoring

Website Firewall

  • Website Firewall stops you from getting hacked by identifying malicious traffic, blocking attackers before they can access your website.
  • Automatically updated firewall rules, protect you from the latest threats.
  • Block common security threats like fake Googlebots, malicious scans from hackers & botnets.

Blocking Features

  • Real-time blocking of known attackers; your site is automatically protected.
  • Block entire malicious networks.
  • Limit or block security threats running security scans looking for vulnerabilities.

Login Security

  • Enforce strong passwords among your administrators, publishers and users.
  • Checks the strength of all user and admin passwords to enhance login security.
  • Includes login security to lock out brute force hacks and to stop sites from revealing info that will compromise site security.

Security Scanning

  • Scans for vulnerability.
  • Scans core files, themes and plugins against their repository versions to check their integrity.
  • Scans known signatures of malware security threats.
  • Scans for many known backdoors that create security holes.
  • Continuously scans for malware and phishing URL’s including all URLs on the Google Safe Browsing List in all your comments, posts and files that are security threats.
  • Scans for heuristics of backdoors, Trojans, suspicious code and other security issues.

Monitoring Features

  • Monitor traffic in real-time, including robots, humans, 404 errors, logins and logouts and who is consuming most of your content. Enhances situational awareness of which security threats your site is facing.
  • A real-time view of all traffic including automated bots that often constitute security threats that JavaScript analytics packages never show you.
  • Real-time traffic includes reverse DNS and city-level geolocation.
  • Monitor your DNS security for unauthorized DNS changes.
  • Monitors disk space which is related to security because many DDoS attacks attempt to consume all disk space to create denial of service.

Automatic Backups

  • Automatic backups, automatically on a repeating schedule
  • Files and database backups can have separate schedules (Daily & Weekly)
  • Remote cloud storage of your backups