Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationGetting a site designed and on the Internet is only part of the story. People still need to find you. The GraphicSmith team is experienced at search engine positioning with sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, to ensure your pages are properly prepared using industry-approved guidelines, and submitted for effective search engine placement.

SEO Localization
It is important to be properly listed when potential clients or customers search for local-area businesses, such as restaurants, plumbers, electricians or hair salons. Services like these are dependent on their local market and, as such, need to ensure they can be easily found in an Internet search. Contact Graphicsmith for help with your SEO localization.

Website Analytics
GraphicSmith can incorporate industry-standard analytics and other website statistics into your website package. These invaluable tools will help you gather insight and benchmark the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.